Who is... Kim Tyler?

Kim K. Tyler is a multi-award winning Producer, choreographer and Director. The Chicago Bulls-Endure experience is directed by Kim Tyler, World Champion Chicago Bulls former head choreographer and author of highly anticipated book "Endure". Kim's mission is to give back to the urban at risk dance students. Kim's ultimate desire is to see every Endure student dreams realized through the Endure dance program. Through past experiences and life’s obstacles Tyler channeled her trials into great makings of success. Currently, Tyler is the CEO of Endure Productions, Inc. / K.K. Tyler Entertainment, Inc. She served as the head Choreographer for the past 13 years for the Chicago Bulls’ as well as former choreographer for the Luv-A-Bulls, Matadors and Bulls Kidz.

What is... Endure Charities?

Endure Charities is... providing positive, healthy career-oriented activities for those youth and adults who are interested in the arts, but have no access to art programs.

Endure targets primarily, underprivileged children between the ages 12 and 18. However, Endure Productions is interested in recruiting a diverse, inter-generational group of individuals to participate in programs, and reaching out to everyone in the Chicago metropolitan area through its professional performing arts productions.

Endure Productions serves as a production house for those who express an interest in the performing arts. Through the use of mentoring, job shadowing and professional training opportunities, Endure Productions prepares participants for professional careers in the performing arts. Participants who complete training programs also have the option to participate in the traveling Endure Dance/Musical Production.

Founded in 2004, Endure Productions is a non-profit organization committed to using a faith-based approach to the performing arts to create career opportunities and increase access for underprivileged youth and adults in the Chicago metropolitan area. All Endure Productions programs offer participants access to professional performing arts training, job shadowing and mentoring that develops their artistic skills and allow them to explore the possibility of pursuing careers as professional musicians, dancers, etc.